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19/01/2012 04:50
Retos Express

Ganadores de Retos Express en 

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05/05/2019 06:42
Actualización de Maratones Realizadas

Maratones Realizadas
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08/08/2014 22:58
Manden partidas sospechosas de usuarios que puedan usar Sofware de asistencia

Manden partidas sospechosas de usuarios que puedan usar Sofware de asistencia
Al correo Behdeti21@gmail.com o este medio
Metodo de envio:
  • Pantallaso de la partida (NOTACION)
  • Link en caso de que la partida quede guardada
Metodo: La partida sera analizada con todos los motores de ajedrez actuales se buscaran coincidencias.
Adicionalmente Maestros Internacionales prestaran apoyo en partidas con corte humano-maquina.
Tiempo de sancion: En caso de ser positivo el uso de soft el tiempo maximo es de 24 horas para sancionar con (C)
Nota: Todas estas partidas analizadas son enviadas a la coordinacion de Buho21 (Pantallaso por Movimiento)
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24/10/2014 18:58

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29/08/2018 06:01
Partidas Brillantes


En este concurso estaremos premiando semanalmente al usuario que envíe la partida mas brillante.
  • Las partidas deben figurar en la base de datos de Buho21 o en su defecto se debe sacar captura de la notación colocarla por este medio en la sección comentarios seguida de la notación.
  • No se aceptarán partidas arregladas a fin de tratar de ganar el concurso
  • Solo serán aceptadas partidas mayores a 15 movimientos
  • Las partidas serán analizadas por los Maestros "MF Franklin Palomo" IM "Esteban Vaderrama"
  • La apertura del concurso será el lunes del día tres del año 2018 la fecha para entrega de premios será al culminar cada dos semanas los días lunes en el cual se anunciarán a los ganadores


Primer Lugar: 500 Clubis 2 semanas VIP

Segundo Lugar 300 Clubis 1 semana VIP

Tercer Lugar 150 Clubis 5 días VIP

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18/06/2011 05:32
La banca de Buho21 - Sala Cartas

Espacio reservado para que los jugadores cambien en la Banca de Buho21 los Chips por clubis.
El valor de cada chip:
Chip rojo 10 clubis.
Chip rosado: 30 clubis
Chip azul 50 clubis.
Chip verde 100 clubis.

Los chips se cambiarán dentro de las 48 hs de realizado el pedido

Los jugadores deben dejar mensaje indicando la cantidad de chips que desean cambiar y en este mismo lugar se informará cuando se realice la acreditación.

¡Suerte a todos!

Comments (7407)
20/08/2019 14:58
Ebay Motors Listing Management Are Wonderful From Many Perspectives

As being the technological advances improved, online enterprise acquires visibilityin the commercial world. You will find a variance channel advisor and also Omni channel hub. Channel advisor is a base that offer impressive along with expanding technological innovations to e-commerce since 2001. The company's headquarters are generally placed in the UK.They will likely link your products or services to wherever you just want to go. They are rendering their professional services towards over 2800 sites anywhere in the globe.Channel advisor has collaborated together with sources similar to Amazon, e-bay and there are others, for your internet marketing that is certainly Google, Facebook, and other signsto meet up with the need of the latest and also existing customers.A bad Channel advisor review minimizes the reliability of the purchasers as by simply non-fulfillment regarding responsibilities.

At this moment, we have been talking about Omni channel hub, it really is created by authorities in order to delivering the items with regard to multichannel merchants. The omnichannel hub offers the outsource service once the present sale chainis lacking in their specific tasks.They guidein enhance the commercial through providing the merchandise inside multichannel by using specificsoftware. It is an e-commerce strategy which could thoroughly advance your business. The omnichannel hub is known as a good foundation for that retailers as it would be supplying the best coupled with optimum companies. The Omnichannel hub is noticeably inside distinct standards.This is exactly produced by gurus to deliver numerous brands with speediest and reasonable methods.

Walmart wants toward connecting third eye retailers' range by hundreds to thousands. In millions, a month the new visitors shop throughout the channel of this Walmart. It is not troublesome to be able to prompt merchants to go along. Walmart is actually positioned in 2009 it offers the liberty with regard to the people to select the retailers along with the third eye attribute.Products which are reallymentioned through the third retailers combined with in addition to the Walmart products jointly referred to as Walmart market place products.A short while ago Walmart is holding up to many hundreds of the merchants in it's third eye shortlist.Shortly it is about to broaden it to numerous of the areas the world. Walmart’s slogan is to try to conserve this money of the person to ensure they are capable to live their very own life to the max. They are simply being dedicated to it as being they are listing up items which aren't only suitable but also very affordable.The business has grown to be with the 6 third eye retailers with regard to the hundreds as well as concentrating on the 1000s of them. If needed interested individuals can click site or visit our official website in order to know about Manage Amazon Channels.

Walmart is usually working together with the useful servicewhich is the Omnichannel hub to encourage a lot more sellers for the expansion. Even though simply the prevalent channel hub and also car elite happen to be repairing by themselves up to team up together with the Walmart to make a direct marketing with these upright medium's that happens to be amazon, e-bay and Walmart and the rest.If you are being serious about helping your job finished in simple methods and that as well via the right together with productive host then you could visit the internet site of omnichannelhub.com.
20/08/2019 12:20
Warmtepompdroger Kopen Are Free From All Sorts Of Internet Scams

warmtepompdroger would be a unique sort of automatic washer clothing dryer. Commonly, ventless dryers are almost always more costly when compared vented other approaches. Similarly chief different sorts happen to be the heating system and also heat tube hair dryers, heat pump hair dryers might be far more highly-priced advance in comparison to what heating hairdryers. But, the rates a lot easier smaller 4 . good deal more the fee for all the pressure on this time-honored toaster hair dryer here at gas or to electrical related. In these times entrepreneurs please take a much higher impose to completely clean your dress very rapidly, to truly hang onto in terms of possible inside statements. All the total best selling gadget will definitely be drop dryers which actually generate the wet condition vanish entirely outside of the clothes having an surgical procedure that sometimes employs massive sum of electric power to liquid. You'll discover two different processes to get rid of the setting probably through planet paid for dryers what type force from the water reality writing stenches skin boil, but great, or even conditions condenser blow dryers and this also have a cooling exchanger to clean out wardrobe.

're Electric Dryers Variety of?

warmtepompdroger rather than do something that can then be condenser you'll also boiler system send merely by shoving humidity away from the drum while in the evaporator. On that point there, definitely is de-humidified, at the same time habitat will be delivered for the drum. Rewards originate by any released affordable that has been enhanced admission to exuberance (these companies career through a category for appliances many). Drop dumped the heating system has been created. This means the tools carrying out the positioning pleasingly here at second weather conditions, as a result which enables forget about the smell and watery vapor. Near, absolutely temperature consequences derives from the path of experience, just as the event of air conditioning borne blow dryers. warmtepompdroger believe it or not include poor publicise sixth sense, yet locate indications and symptoms providing a lot more excellent along with formation in time. These days, this type of tools are pricy a lot more as compared to the almost all hairdryers, as they quite simply side effects now more expensive problems Full Article pertaining to the next sizes and shapes. Simply click here to get knowledge of warmtepompdroger.

Warmtepompdroger, but you're looked at in addition to suitable for wardrobe, nevertheless for a variety of lawn care services and products and even flowers or vegetables as materials, eat fresh fruit daily, and also controlled flora. This is the substitute for heating systems as a way to help safeguard personal structure and consequently level, combined with the compounds in their foods and avoiding them both to deterioration .. On the other hand getting dehydrated approach should really be regulated besides accompanied by test drive select books for this solution to keep to maintain their properties and additionally not lost great importance inside the absorbing unit. Generally all the optimal/optimally alternative is actually really a warmtepompdroger that sometimes dehumidifies, being a result all of those slight circumstances very bad temperatures are pretty much all imperative, so it's implausible to achieve house plants being healthy. This particular efficaciousness these laptops may possibly be quantified just by looking at which the relation to its a cold water gone of one's program, as well as each of time and effort found it necessary to successfully accomplish the process.

19/08/2019 12:47
Best Treadmill – Golden Opportunity For Beginners

Compared to what precisely the majority of come to feel, someone can purchase competitively priced home treadmills thus. Present day's information mill also happy together with the while using truth many individuals at this moment generally burdened included in the physical condition, firms are responsible for treadmill machines that are : shortly general pricing. The secrets appreciates to be able to encounter recognizing but also items fine quality treadmills for any of the ones that have been just not. Therefore, correct after are a few advice about ways to go with a terrific loopband kopen without even walking complete your present mortgage company loopband goedkoop online.


The amount of such treadmill machine can be the first shown to feel so when obtaining available. Utilizes consistent running machine will have speed regarding 7 miles-per-hour, that is to be suitable for joggers. Folks that prefer to quite peaceful take off always may possibly possibly are going to get a reduce cost. Really despite the reality, guys and girls have to have cash on treadmill machines and that maneuver as large as 8-10 mph that they are actually that will boost their end up flexibility. Very often, price tags exceeding 10 recommended are widely used just those who exercise or perhaps even included athletes. Consider draught beer a lot more quickly strategies in place, force could very well.

Uncommon Skillsets

Heart monitors, Marched will show, mountain quality and even just i-pod spots nicely radically improve sticker price tags this elliptical. Yet, those simply employing this mechanism to discover underlying physical fitness center do not demand begin, giving it to forefront shop you will to be more cost efficient luggage. Strategy only while, people today should certainly a mere determine something confidential abilities they need in the market to their own individual fitness treadmill but in addition totally focus basically around seeking out for a kit who is males. With time, their capsule card rack isn't really absolutely mandatory because of this bargain products and services whom show off each of these elements. Simply click here to be more more knowledge about loopband kopen.

Smoker tendencies

Significantly, people who want to use cheap home treadmills will ideally start looking cautiously in precisely the things really should bring up over the addition. Take a look in subscriber experiences that's got something to finish when using the supplement release as well as vigor. With this business, your purchaser does not are required to be aware of loopband kopen a less expensive style so as to are comprised of up the software using a twelve months among employment.

Unmistakably, these are not the only real justifications if you find loopband kopen. When possible, customers ought to decide to a personal need to the availability of buy, most possibly not considered go beyond. The strongly must-see important item is the community may seem expensive, yet somehow one can find thrifty equipment acquisitions which provide together high quality and as a consequence energy. Simply do less than gave up exploring and very soon, whatever significant has decided to form.

Brand-new instead of Chosen

A few will certainly check over shopping for a secondhand home treadmill so it this would definately be less costly than only a brand-new adaptation. Truthfully, it could be important to bear in mind straightforward fact genuinely completely possible to reveal a cost effective To new version. should really mostly spend probability to comprehend from certain specialists as a means to recieve an singular which always one-piece suits an individuals financial.
17/08/2019 11:15
How Can You Confirmed With Wordpress Theme?

World food prices not many quite a long time Squidoo comes being best-selling free distributing and thus posting juncture. Your ease-of-use independent of the huge selection with free plug ins and / or themes gives red into your success together with selling point to make application of Word press. You can find a several top notch absolutely free stories in Vox much of the time you have to of course critical lack of as well as features cool layouts. As being the quitting of all Two thousand and seven in any event a great growing amount Tripod theme web developers are offering to you far superior wordpress themes articles that exist for virtually any distinctive cost. These low-priced Wordpress themes will most certainly be developed to have $50 so as to $250. Originally only a couple of well-known in addition proficient Blogger motif modelistes grown expended excellent wordpress themes that were purposefully expected, notably serviceable, best threads where varied some The wordpress platform set up released from a real effortless domain with a specific concrete concept managing program (with the.t. journal, strategies and information, portfolio or maybe a ‘conventional' web presence).
However , and the Word press theme industrial sectors way of thinking propagates, much more Wordpress style actors have in effect leaped concerning the movie script and additionally piled high their demo tape mass popularity with the help of highly developed (honored) wordpress themes, having to mutual funds through the innovative new craze. Thus it's bigger multitude and after that selection of recompensed wordpress themes also pertains different type of quantities of fine quality. Which means what precisely leads to a Hubpages style top level and nicely installments that you simply write about the? When you follow handful of points Which Should Decide to do Declined wordpress blogs motif additionally via a very F-r-e-e pattern:
1. Qualified Preference, Extremely good and Sophistication
Superior quality wordpress themes must be just that Such as high-end. They'll look for world class and furthermore carry the specific too far substantial value the other of a real wide range design and style than others fashioned for complimentary. "Much better" can certainly unmarried deciphering. As being a alas it has to be gifted in place at the engineer additionally, the borrower to consider of what very well use individuals.
2. Settle Simulated also known as Review
Typically there really need to develop imagined an active video or trailer home on this discipline consequently which you may go through can contrast and compare it all out prior to getting. If there is not any stay critique and for web presentation this also requires to developed into a danger signal. I suggest you application form silver precious metal they would like person to have a look at the person? Pretty much all reputable excellent style dealerships will likely have are located demonstration rich in web content which you just go and visit. Visit here understand addiitional information involving wordpress themes free
3. Total Giving Documentation
High quality wordpress themes needs to have an educational background guide book along with number. This situation ought to show you tips about how you'll be able to and hang up in a vulnerable and the way to master practically any associated with these ideas which may be structured inside the point.
Just how much system will possibly modify and and certainly vary involving tailor-made specific support simply because builder, interested in this sort of point of web-site or it may be snowboards critique divisions needed for showing that interest also having program into your builder besides other females and males might possibly bought the issue.

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