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"Connexion is broken"

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17/06/2008 19:45
i cant play for the third day now, considering lots of other players have trouble logging in too, it seems it is a global problem for this site? how and, more important for players, when is it going to be fixed?

05/06/2008 15:09
yea it happened to me yesterday but its working fine 2 day
16/05/2008 18:03
I have a problems with disconnections too. And allways I lost a game and rate points. Sometimes it hapens every some minutes, sometimes more days nothing.
30/03/2008 22:57
I think some gaddem guys use a virus to break peoples connexxion not the person you were playing with! A lot of crazy dudes around!
25/03/2008 23:31
i confirm too : connexion is broken (java 1.6 linux)
25 03 08 since a few hours
but only with chess play
25/03/2008 23:24
i installed the most recent Java and it didn´t help anything...can´t connect...
25/03/2008 21:48
I think it must be the site's server that is having problems at the time
In fact the updated java has probs as well
they recommend to install the 2nd version of java and that will work.:)
14/10/2007 11:11
It works again.
maybe there was a problem with the 1.240 players connected at the same time yesterday evening.
13/10/2007 20:55
Updating Java did not help.
13/10/2007 20:27
Same problem here. I've been playing for a few months though.

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