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"Connexion is broken"

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08/11/2017 03:44
27/10/2015 09:15
Seems like a lot of people are having problems. I'm new too, so I can't give any helpful advice. Sorry. I'm in the same boat.
28/09/2015 11:14
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15/09/2008 06:28
I can't connect to server anymore, can you?
06/09/2008 16:39
I have the same problems. The administrator would explain the problems. If they don't explain something, the quality of this site will be losed.
29/08/2008 16:26
bug ?
29/08/2008 16:25
hi connection broken I lose - 30 elo of looser :(
29/08/2008 15:59
I believe someone has haCKED THIS SITE,I only get disconnected when Im winning a game
14/07/2008 18:36
cant connect!!
24/06/2008 18:06
Don't know what is wrong. I've haven't been able to play for about a week now :'(

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