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Why don't you translate trivia questions to English?

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27/10/2015 09:25
I would really love English trivia. That sounds like a good time.
31/03/2015 19:31
I support the idea
26/03/2008 02:05
Garfield1 remember that in all of America (Continent not the United States of America) the majority of the people speak Spanish.

Its a shame that people as well as politicians from the U.S.A. cant learn Spanish to communicate with their continent

Just as you want people to practice their English maybe you should practice your Spanish.

Best of luck..
19/04/2007 04:37
Garfield1 don't give oppinion if u don't know who plays here.. United states is one of the only countries that uses owl21 most people are hispanic if u don't belive me check the flags there is only a few american flags most flags are from hispanic country. owl21 was invented in spanish and people that lives in other countries and plays from there. is no way the can practice english if they never spoke the english lenguage duhhh .. so u in a hispanic mostly website if u wanna play trivia u learn spanish same thing u say about spanish people bye bye good luck with your spanish .....
13/04/2007 00:02
it's a good answer garfield1!!!

buho21 is in spanish languaje, no in english !

it's a discrimitation of the English person !

the english person can't playing in buho21 but the lenguaje is not english !
09/04/2007 21:26
Hello there

The process to translate all the questions on Trivia21 would be too long, and the programmers are working in that, to make better this international website Owl21.

So just be patients, i'm completely sure that all these changes will be aplicated soon. :)
31/03/2007 01:22
All the foreigner people wants to play chess trivia in english lenguage in the channel 2...it work very good¡¡¡
28/03/2007 03:18
I think it would be a good idea, then some users could be able to practice their English and English speaking users could play the trivia in their native language.

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