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why is the cause becose the hen cross the street?

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08/11/2017 03:57
Favor ver el siguiente video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cMA_p8MsVsRw3F2ndn388-uDReChVn1c/view?ts=59ff781b
30/07/2007 16:37
bad english...bad ideas ... bad place to be .... can we get some sense into this discussion, guys?
08/06/2007 10:42
but what came 1st? the chicken or the egg?
01/05/2007 13:54
Chicken wanted to cross the road 'cause worry itself the spreading of the Worse. It's a good new that this chicken will coming to fight with our boys!. (G.W.Bush)
22/04/2007 08:17
Message erased
22/04/2007 08:17
Message erased
13/04/2007 17:24
los (??????) son inverted comas...
13/04/2007 17:19
Fear is a historical fact: A Chiken asked a ?wise fox? for protection to her tweeties from the wolf? the-wise-one said: I cant..he is stronger than me..if u go and ask that ?Donky? he might help u?(she crossed the road) towards the field.. . She asked him the same thing?
But this happy-donky, who was having with joy his good & plentiful grass?(getting high) said to her> look my dear..up there in that cave lives a big tiger? he will be happy to help u if u?
She thanked the happy fella (DONKY) & went up there?and stuck her head in that cave?.
Poor citizen!!!!

19/03/2007 05:32
And , why hen cross the "möbius band"???
02/03/2007 19:48
I like to see people trying to speak English. Thefore let me help you a little so your English can be fluent and proficient ok.
Title of forum: Why did the chicken cross the street?

it may be a nonsense but at least he is trying ok...so please don't critice others if you can even express your self. (Why in the hell do you write such of nonsense? Are you pulling our legs? mmm
just have fun ok.

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