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Owl21 responds!

To participate in forums you must identify yourself on the web. Thanks.
22/03/2020 19:35
No puedo entrar en Buho21 hoy. Doy username y password, hace como si hiciera el login y luego desaparece la app.
10/02/2019 06:14
no puedo entrar a buho21 me puede ayudar
28/10/2015 16:45
Three questions and no answers. Seems to defeat the purpose of having a question and answer thread doesn't it?
19/02/2015 20:34
hi. Could you teach as how to ignore playing that it is insulting while he is playing?
this is one of them: colon2union0 from Argentina, and his name is federico cornejo.
04/03/2010 21:44

Hello,I would like to know how to use more empticons when in the game hall?
I click on the right and a list of emoticons appear.Then when I search for more... than its returning me on my personal page or gives me 404...

25/02/2010 13:28
Hi!, I`d like to know if in the future we`ll have a language`s section, you know it could contains questions about English, with meaning of words

27/01/2010 23:51

Hello to all! 

I'm the admin ZeroHour21 

I will check this thread regularly, to answer doubts or to offer suggestions. You can make your enquiries privately through the profile messaging system or in this thread.

I am in charge of the ENGLISH section, I am lenient but do not push it. Please try to follow all the rules of the site, NO SPAM and NO INSULTING.  


Owl21 Team 

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