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VIP Only access Denied?

To participate in forums you must identify yourself on the web. Thanks.
20/11/2010 14:02
Message erased
29/06/2010 21:37
The "maximum" number of non-VIP members varies with the hour.  Sometimes it is 1500, at other times it might be as little as 700.

Your choices are either become a VIP member of keep trying.

Good Luck....

VIP = Very Importan People (If you pay, you become importan)

07/03/2010 01:35
heloo !!!! some play chess ??
06/03/2009 18:40
VIP what mean?
04/03/2009 01:14
If you aren't vip, you can't log in when there are 1500 or more players on. (that sucks)

When that happens, just spam-click the "Connect" button until someone leaves and you get in. (if you're lucky, you'll get in in less than a minute)
03/03/2009 18:57
i'm so glad to see that i'm not the only one with the log on problem it's really frustrating someone please help? how can i become a vip player? i just want to play chess
03/03/2009 18:16
Message erased
03/03/2009 18:15
server probably go on
02/03/2009 21:53
sucks. I could get in from school not from my house.
02/03/2009 20:14
i also get the same thing about 50 percent of the time and today it wont let me in at all.

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