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En Passant ?

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04/03/2009 01:18
I don't know about the En Passant thing, but:

- the moves for the "500 moves" only count on rated games.
- the games only are kept in your profile if you're a VIP user. It sucks that it isn't explained.

have fun...
03/03/2009 15:47
then maybe is a glitch...
03/03/2009 15:38
@rico: I know that. I had white and a pawn on e5, controlling f6. He played f7-f5, and I couldn't took the pawn. I was puzzled: my king was on g1, so there was no pin. I tried for quite some time, then played an obviously very inferior move, cause I was going to loose on time...

I didn't copy the game, so I can't paste it here, and my account doesn't keep the games I play for an unknown reason...
02/03/2009 14:27
enpassant can only be done after your opponent move his pawn. Otherwise you lose the opportunity.
13/02/2009 15:11
Thx from the response.

* Others game I played since let me do the en-passant prise. Weird. Must have been some sort of wierd bug.

* I can chat now, but it took more than 500 moves.

I still have no games kept in the account. That is a real killer, as it makes analysis impossible...
12/02/2009 03:23
Was the game you were playing set for not alowing en passant? I believe there is an option to turn it on and off. and I am I recent player and I found it took quite a few games before I could chat, o yea it doesn't count any games that you have played under guest!! Hope this helps...
I also find it difficult to get any help as everything is in spanish. I also like another website..."chesscube.com".
10/02/2009 14:56
I just played a game, and lost it because I couldn't do the "prise en-passant". Is that a bug, or am I missing something huge ?

Also, as a recent user, I have the following issues:

1) Help goes to an empty page
2) Even after having played much more than 500 moves, I can't chat
3) Even if I asked for games to be kept, I havno game in my account

Thanks for any reply.

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