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broken connection and lost games

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16/09/2022 10:53
If this game couldn't work, you can play other games. WotLK Classic is a good option! And you need to get more WotLK Classic gold now!
24/12/2008 22:54
never had this problem before, but last 2 weeks i get disconnected each game after +- 2 min playing.

regards ferdinand
22/12/2008 20:42
I don't know what has cheating with loosing connections? I AM NEWER CHEATING, but many times I loos a game because I must reconect. Is there problem in programme, on server, on my router ...?
14/12/2008 10:46
I think sometimes the opponents are cheating! Some people using a better OS than windows can do that! (I heard that...). But also I think 50% of lost connections happens because of my own network!
05/12/2008 18:58
I have the same problem (server?) with connexions more than 3 monthes, but not allways. At Playchess I can reconnect and I am still in game with corection of used time.
04/12/2008 20:18
I too have had the same problem. I was showing someone how great owl chess was and....???. They were not impressed! Oh well great site I love it ....will still donate every month
03/12/2008 06:44
pease get in contact with any admin online so they can helpe you.
27/11/2008 03:16
I have had the same problem.
26/11/2008 13:03
The last 3 days I lost about twenty games by a lost connection. As soon as I have a better position or I'm about to win, my opponents (about all) don't make any moves anymore. Shortly after they run out of time, the connection is broken. It does'nt say whether I loose or win, but I loose my ratingpoints in aaal cases. Whatever it causes the problem I don't know, but I seem not to be the only one.
The problem can possible be solved by the webmaster.

My sincerely regards.

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