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Server is down

To participate in forums you must identify yourself on the web. Thanks.
30/06/2022 18:12
I can tell you how to track your phone on Telegram. Very useful program.
27/10/2015 09:19
It's seems like there are frequently server problems. I've seem multiple threads on this, as well as other connection issues. Can I ask what server you guys are using? You might be better to invest in something else. This (https://www.1and1.com/server), for example, is easy and affordable. Even has a specific gaming server. Might be worth looking into. I was originally excited about this site, but with so many connectivity issues, you guys will lose a lot of the traffic that you attract. I will gladly stick around if you guys have plans in the works for better server quality.
15/09/2008 20:47
down 4 me but u can play crap reversi etc
15/09/2008 07:11
Same here - :( when is it fixed - can anybody post an update??
15/09/2008 06:29
Server is down, I can't connect, anyone able to connect?

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