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Our mission is to develop educational and cultural games in Internet.
Being a VIP player help improve Buho21. Thanks.

VIP Advantages Member of B21 VIP membership
Tools social web and socials webs
Profiles, friends, forums, blogs, photos, videos, searches...
Social network features are completely free and that is not going to change.
Help online
Forum Buho21 responds, admin channels in game rooms
Access to multiplayer games
VIPs have unlimited access

Rating in the games
Number of games with rating is unlimited for VIPs.

More than 100 daily events
Tournaments, classes and broadcasts.
Top lists
Only VIP members can participate in the Top lists
Discounts and offers at Buho21's store.
As a VIP member, compare the difference and prices of VIP, try and see the difference of prices and offers in our chess online store
Client attention and technical support.
VIP members have a special contact form.
Chess room
Simultaneous and classes with FIDE Masters, particite in trivia and save your games in the server.
Flash games
VIP members can win the prizes in the flash tournaments
VIP tournaments
We raffle 21 prizes among the winners of VIP tournaments
For VIPs there are no commercial advertisements. On the contrary, we have a space highly informative of the daily activities.

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