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60 Second Sling

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Help Virgil the Vandal aim and fire his slingshot to break as many priceless vases as possible in 60 seconds!

Instructions to play: Break as many vases as you can in 60 seconds! Once you break a vase there is only one second to break as many more as possible before the next round begins. If you are fast, accurate, and you go for it you can score MILLIONS of points! Aim and pull the slingshot by hovering the mouse cursor over Virgil's rock hand. Fire slingshot by clicking the left mouse button and/or pressing the spacebar.

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23/03/2010 00:22

como es posible hacer tantos puntos?

22/03/2010 08:46
22/03/2010 06:24
Torneo WeekFlash

 Semana: 22/03 al 28/03

1º Juego Flash  de la 4º semana:    60 Second Sling

¡¡ A jugar!!
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