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Straw Hat Samurai 2

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The Straw Hat Samurai is back with new moves, air-combos, new enemies, new bosses... and more slashing and blood!

Instructions to play: Use mouse to slash (Best played with a mouse or stylus) Press SPACE to activate shunpo mode Press P to pause. Tips: 1) Headshots are instant kills. 2) Your line needs to start below the enemy if you want to launch him for air-combos. 3) In level 2, you need to draw a line from one platform to the next in order to jump from one platform to another. Your jump begins ONLY at the start of the line and ends at the endpoint of the line so start your line at the current position of the Samurai for best results. 4) Activate shunpo mode when enemies are vulnerable to perform more damage. Especially for bosses. 5) It is inefficient to attack armoured enemies by spamming slashes. Look out for their openings/weaknesses and use the special moves. 6) Projectiles can be deflected by slashing them. 7) When you are launched, activate shunpo mode to give yourself time to counter.

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21/04/2012 16:10
mmm el cuarto nivel es dificil... ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡pero muy dificil la maldita tortuga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aunque me lo complete claro

11/04/2011 04:40
21/02/2011 09:02
Elsa!! leiste mi mensaje interno?
 me puedes poner el vip a mis otros nicks?? io no se puede?
y el 1 no es vip, es decir medalla, no?
Bueno..creo que no es vip, porque le he visto muchas veces ganar, y no tiene medallas flash...
21/02/2011 00:31
qué aburrimiento de juego!!!
resulta que hay que llegar al cuarto nivel para que te guarde los puntos!!!!

20/02/2011 19:19
como dejo mis puntajes
20/02/2011 17:39
20/02/2011 12:01
Ya me cansé de cortar cabezas y esto no me guarda
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