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Karate Monkey

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Can you turn a chimp into a Black Belt Karate Master? Train this monkey in the ways of Karate, perform different movements and try not to hit the Sensei! Karate Monkey is a funny and addictive game where you will assume the role of a monkey trained by a Sensei to become a Black Belt Karate Master. You will do sequences of karate attacks following the Master instructions. React quickly but remember: if you make the wrong move, it’s the Sensei who’ll take the beating!

Instructions to play: Hit the Arrow keys as the Sensei takes stance. Don't take too long to hit or you'll miss it, and try not to make the wrong move!

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01/06/2010 11:59
e o melhor jogo
03/05/2010 02:27
Eso jode la vista, deverian estar prohibidos!
03/05/2010 02:25
Vaya juego más tonto...
03/05/2010 00:50
asturconaaaaaaaaaaaa  que te pillo
02/05/2010 19:39
naaaaaaaaaaa justino ya se me quitaron las ganas de seguir jugando con tu score cuantos golpes consecutivos das??
02/05/2010 08:25
Torneo WeekFlash

 Semana: 26/04 al 02/05

7º Juego Flash  de la 9º semana:  Karate Monkey

¡¡ A jugar!!
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