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Red Button Robot

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Red Button Robot is a button clicking gadget game with personality and humour, combining great colourful visuals with a fiendish test of abilities, challenging your reflex skills with a fine difficulty curve.

Instructions to play: Click the red buttons when they light up, after all six green segments have filled. Click as soon as the button lights up to score a 'Perfect' rating and increase your score multiplier. If you miss the lit buttons too many times, or you click out of time, it's Game Over.

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02/09/2009 05:07
lo termine y solo ise eso pff q chafa
01/09/2009 13:54
Torneo WeekFlash

 Semana: 31/08 al 06/09

2º Juego Flash  de la 5º semana:   Red Button Robot

¡¡ A jugar!!
01/09/2009 13:08
Mi record no se graba :(
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