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Crazy Bomber

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Can you defeat the CRAZY BOMBER?!? With only three buckets of water you have to catch every bomb this CRAZY BOMBER drops. Miss one bomb and you'll lose a bucket. If you score 1000 points then you'll regain a bucket. Lose all of your buckets and the CRAZY BOMBER has defeated you!! He's got to run out soon right?

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04/09/2009 07:32
Hice 2860 y no me lo marco
03/09/2009 07:55
Dulcita tienes que poner donde dice no thanks para guardar el score.
03/09/2009 07:38

Este juego esta bn ,solo q no me marca el puntaje hize 1474 y nada

03/09/2009 07:19
Torneo WeekFlash

 Semana: 31/08 al 06/09

4º Juego Flash  de la 5º semana:   Crazy Bomber

¡¡ A jugar!!
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