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Halloween Hatchlings

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The old Count is up to no good as usual. He has created a new breed of monster and is about to release them upon the world this Halloween. You, Snuffit The Vampire Slayer, must kill the hatchlings before the count breeds enough to release.

Instructions to play: Click on groups of two or more to destroy the hatchlings. More Hatchlings will spawn every time the blood tube empties, don't let them reach the top!!

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31/10/2010 06:10

Semana Halloween

7º Juego: Halloween Hatchlings


22/01/2010 01:42
estos juegos no me gustan xD
21/01/2010 14:20
jajaj gracias mi muzito
al final vendra alguno con sus programas jajaj. no importa me gusta este juego. tu lo hicistes muy bien jajaj.
21/01/2010 13:58
No me va el juego hago clik y no pasa nada como es esto??
21/01/2010 13:40
esa lukitaaaaaa, toos contigo a ver si ganas
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