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Connecto is a simple game where you have to destroy a different number of blocks to complete each level. You destroy blocks by creating a complete link between the wires in the blocks and 2 power nodes at the edge of the player area. Destroy more blocks to get more points! If the blocks reach the top of the screen it's game over! Create a link from one side to the other to get a bonus! Watch out for blank blocks that cannot be linked! Destroy these by destroying other linkable blocks next to them

Instructions to play: Connecto is Mouse or Keyboard controlled. Press "p" to pause. Mouse: Click anywhere in the play area to move the cursor to that spot. Click on a block to rotate it clockwise. Click and hold the left mouse button to drag a block left or right. Keyboard: Use the arrow keys to move the cursor up/down/left and right. Use either the space bar or the "a" and "d" keys to rotate the blocks (a/d rotate the block left/right, space bar just right). Press and hold the space bar (or a/d) to grab a block and then the arrow keys to move the block left or right.

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08/06/2010 04:06
Torneo WeekFlash

 Semana: 07/06 al 13/06

1º Juego Flash de la 14º semana:   

¡¡ A jugar!!
07/06/2010 18:46
este juego es igual que el de ayer del raton pero el de ayer era peor por que si jugabas el mismo nivel miles de veces ya sumabas para ganar y este es suicidio por aburrimiento.,
07/06/2010 12:11
Ahora que he echo poquito si !!!!
07/06/2010 11:05
Ya me he matado 4 veces, y no hay manera, no me sale

07/06/2010 09:45
cuando mueres se salva solo
07/06/2010 09:24
no me guarda  la puntuación !!!
07/06/2010 07:29
este lo jugue hace como un mes y me saque como 80mil Xd esperemos a vercomo van los puntajes del dia de hoy
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