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Appearances can be deceptive. Don't be fooled by the seemingly easy methods with which you progress in this fun filled puzzle game... If you don't think about your clicks, you will pay for it later on! Select chunks of colored blocks to make them disappear. The order in which you do these will affect how far you get in this game. So don't just be clicker happy, think about it! Play Cascade puzzle now!

Instructions to play: Use mouse

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10/03/2014 09:02
362688 10 marzo 2014
08/09/2013 18:30
Me encanta este juego.
02/12/2011 01:46
Joder esto se me ha hecho vicio ¬¬
05/08/2009 07:22
aaa se me  ha  hecho viciooo
16/05/2009 05:51
es muy bueno y agil.....pero se corta mucho
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